Swiss Film Academy
At the 2018 agm of the Swiss Film Academy held during the Locarno Film Festival, Alister was officially nominated as new member.
We are happy and proud that the effort and passion we put into our work has been acknowledged in this way :-)
BADLA - Sujoy Ghosh
Alister and his crew directed an action sequence for this thriller shot in the Scottish Highlands.
Tödliche Tropfen
Alister coordinated a stunt for this drama by Rosa von Praunheim.
SoKo Potsdam / Season 1
Alister coordinated the stunts for this new crime TV series produced by BantryBay, to be continued soon!
1. US-Tour BORDERLINE in 2018
We enjoyed a grand tour and are looking forward to the autumn tour, taking us from New York all the way to Vancouver... be my guest :-)
Jungle Tribes - Indonesia
mazzotti action coordinated and performed thrilling stunts and trick shots for this epic history thriller, shot around Malinau/ Borneo.
Gipsy Queen
The principal shooting of GIPSY QUEEN, Hüseyin Tabak's new feature has come to a successful end. Alister choreographed a bunch of box fights that were highlighted by the longest ever uncut box scene... Watch out!
BORDERLINE - WangRamirez
Alister is proud to have become a performing member of the renowned and globally operating dance company WangRamirez.
In 2018 tour locations for BORDERLINE include France, USA, Canada...
Tatort: Notstandsrecht (Swiss) & Déjà Vu (Dresden)
mazzotti action created the action for the Swiss edition of this crime classic, directed by Andreas Senn and also for the Dresden edition, directed by Dustin Loose.
Thanks Jackie :-)
Alister was delighted to be invited to China by Jackie Chan to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 'Jackie Chan Stunt Team' and also attend the 'Gala Night of the Jackie Chan Action Movie Week' at the Shanghai Film Festival as a guest of honour. Strolling the red carpet with Iko Uwais...
ebay commercial
An exciting challenge for a short campaign... Thanks Thomas, Alrik and Haci, you all did a great job !!!
Quartier des Banques
Alister is coordinating some action for the new TV mini series QUARTIER DES BANQUES in Geneva/Switzerland (Dir. Fulvio Bernasconi).
Don Giovanni - Theater Basel
Starting the new year with a bunch of fight choreographies for DON GIOVANNI directed by Richard Jones, staring Riccardo Fassi in a co-production of the Theater Basel & English National Opera London.

fin de la saison...
Ending 2016's season coordinating the action for the mafia thriller IL MANGIATORE DI PIETRE in the italien alps, the swiss TATORT in Lucerne and part 5 of the crime series ZORN in Halle/Germany.
STAR WARS - Rogue One
Following Steve Griffin to meet up with Brad Allen and his team on this production was an other highlight of the season.
Die Vampirschwestern 3
2 actresses fencing and flying on a 3D wire flying system powered by Skywalker. Alister was enchanted to choreograph the rapier duel for face off GmbH.
2.0 by Shankar
Spending a few challenging months on location in Chennai/India, creating a vast variety of rigs with Jason (Stuntnetwork) for this epic 3D-action movie (Action Dir. Steve Griffin)
Usgrächnet Gähwilers...
Martin Guggisberg's new comedy to be released soon... mazzotti action in charge of the stunts.
Cyrano - Chur/ Switzerland
Alister choreographed the fights for CYRANO (Dir. Julian M. Grünthal) staring Peter Jecklin and Charlotte Engelbert in a gorgeous locating surounded by the alps.
Un juif pour l'example - staring Bruno Ganz
Alister and his crew coordinated and performed stunts for this WW2 drama located in Payerne/Switzerland (Dir. Jacob Berger / Vega Film).
Hamlet - Staatstheater Cottbus
Choreographing fights for HAMLET directed by Mario Holetzeck and starring Johannes Kienast.
Sparkasse - Alister getting stuck...
Volvo Truck Campaign 2015
Alister coordinated the Remote Control Driving Unit for this new global Volvo Truck campaign, with the help of an awesome crew :-)
Full vehicle RC is a new service our company can now proudly offer our clientes. Get in touch for details!
6th BVS DriftDays in GroßDölln / 16.-17.01.2016
For the 6th year running mazzotti action is organising the annual GermanStuntAssociations Winter-Drift-Days, just north of Berlin.
2 days consecutive car drifting on a gorgeous race tracks is about as much fun as you can have in wintery Berlin... ;-)
Get in touch and sign up if you want to be part of an outstanding event... our just have some great fun!!
Alister coordinated the stunts for this dark western, starring Dakota Fanning, Guy Pearce, Emilia Jones, Clarice van Houten and Kit Harington.
A new TV series (Dir. P.Monnard) mazzotti action GmbH coordinated the stunts for... out 16/01/2016.
Nichts Passiert
Micha Lewinsky's new drama Alister coordinated driving and fighting action for - release date 11/02/2016 - is nominated for the Swiss Film Prize in 3 categories.
TATORT Dresden
We coordinated the action for the first 2 episodes of this soon to emerge German TV classic...
The Polder
The teaser for THE POLDER is online... shot (partly) in the Swiss Alps this film will truly take you on a trip... mazzotti action was in charge of all the stunts and sfx.
ZORN 3 & 4
We shot 'ZORN 3' & 'ZORN 4' practically en suite... crime action to come!
Nomination for German TV Award
Alister and his crew have collected two out of three nominations for this years German TV Award for best stunts.
Alister certified as practitioner in this state of the art approach to motor and motivational typology. Get in touch and move to your next level…!
Alister choreographed the fights for the third part of the trilogy, taking him to locations across europe... thank you Holger (Stunts Universal) for this great opportunity!
(see a litte featurette below)
Dirty Driving
- Alister did some ‘Dirty Driving' with an AMG S63 and a Vito, for this Mercedes spot (coordinated by Double Action)
Budgeting action seminar
Filmakademie Ludwigsburg: Alister taught a seminar for production students on budgeting action for feature films and commercials.
Biosuisse campaign
Some wirework the mazzotti action GmbH produced for this campaign... thanks Mac, Jason, Marcel and Manuel :-)
Reiff für die Insel V
Part 5 of this comedy made some stunt performers dive deep in freezing water… ;-)
ZORN 2...
...sucessfully finished Part 2 of the feature 'ZORN - Vom Lieben und Sterben', now into Part 3 'ZORN - Wo kein Licht'.

Und Action
Remake of Point Break
Finished our work on Point Break, excited to see the outcome!

More on IMDb
Der kleine Prinz (Le petit prince) / Theater89
Once again Theater 89 presents Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's epic story set in a unique scenery: Oehna’s aerodrome
The Gentlewoman
Stunt-photoshoot featuring stuntwoman Vanessa Wieduwilt for the next issue of The Gentlewoman, photographer Benjamin Huseby.
'The Team' Sabre Fencing
On set of the international TV-series 'The Team' shooting four exciting sabre matches...
Sometimes things go wrong...
…just as planned ! ;-)
Art as art can...
Excite yourself and visit the outstanding exhibition 'offscreen' by Gabriela Löffel.
15.11. - 14.12. at Halle Nord in Genever (CH).

Coming soon...'Recycling Lily'
'Recycling Lily' (Dir. Pierre Monnard) coming to theaters
on Nov. 21st.

Stunts & Special Effects by mazzotti action Switzerland.
Out now... 'Am Hang'
Successful launch of 'Am Hang' (Dir. Marcus Imboden) at the Zurich Filmfestival.

Stunts & Special Effects by mazzotti action Switzerland.

Precision Driving
Regular training is essential...and regular fun, too :-)
Vodafone - Add Power
We travelled four countries to produce this brilliant spot... ;-)
Greenscreen flying...
...for the new release 'Call the Police' of the ska-punk-band 'Rude Tins'.
Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters
Yeah - we're top of the US-pops with 'Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters' this weekend :-)

TAURUS World Stunt Award - Los Angeles
Thanks Marcel, nice clip! :-)
The BASLER ZEITUNG filling up the silly season... ;-)

Interview BAZ
Evil Knievel / ZMG
ZMG's latest campaign (Silver Lion/ Cannes) features Alister as the early Evil Knievel performing this fierce motorbike jump.
'Am Hang' / maximage
We had great fun coordinating the stunts and special effects for Markus Imbodens new movie 'Am Hang'... (see picture to the left!)
What a beautiful mist ;-)
Erdgas Zürich Holzpellets Thanks, zweihund film!
'Taurus World Stunt Award' Nomination :-)
Alister has been nominated for this year's Taurus World Stunt Award in the category 'Best Action in a Foreign Film' . This is for the action choreography Alister created with his team for the movie 'One Way Trip' !  
Thank you to all the crew and producers that made it happen.

This is an outstanding achievement and marks another milestone in Alister's career. In 2001 he co-headed the SFX department for the academy-award winning film 'The Pianist' (Dir. Roman Polanski) and in 2007 he headed the stunt department for the academy-award winning film 'The Lives of Others' (Dir. Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck).
Phenomenal victory!
The mazzotti-action-racing-team courageously won the 1st Tourenwagen Challenge of the season at the Driving Center Groß Dölln. Dietmar Walter, Kristoffer Fuß, Wojtek Prygiel and Alister Mazzotti outraced all other teams on former DTM racing cars to collect the cup sponsored by "auto motor und sport". Congratulations (for this tremendous team spirit and brilliant race-strategy)!
house 11 - flying stage & stunt hall
mazzotti action and Stunt Network relocated their office, workshop and equipment storage in Berlin- Pankow but also opened Berlin's most exciting and frequented stunt trainings space to date - house11!
Many stunt coordinators use our hall to prepare their actors for fights, stunts and to shoot their previz.
You can also rent house11 - just mail us (office@mazzotti-action.com) or ring +49 30 567 33 900 to book your own time in a great place! ;-)
New Release...
The 10-year jubilee of our former web page (2.0) is now over...and that is why we have decided to release our redesigned mazzotti action web (3.0). Enjoy!
Galileo eXtreme - Mad Max Myth
Galileo eXtreme came to test a Mad Max Myth on our flying stage (house 11) in Berlin. See how it went...